Humanoid 4D+


Have you ever wondered how your voice box works? Or how thousands of tiny receptors on your tongue help you distinguish all sorts of different flavors? Introducing Humanoid 4D+, a set of educational flash cards that work with an augmented reality app that creates interactive illustrations of human anatomy, its various systems and how they work. This visually-driven app enables kids to explore their muscular, skeletal, respiratory, nervous systems and more in a fun and interactive way!

This product will require you to download an app on your mobile device or tablet.

For ages 4+ years.

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Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio combines art and technology to create award-winning AR products for children.


Seeing objects “magically” come to life doesn’t get old! Octagon’s products create immersive learning experiences that easily engage kids. On top of the cards themselves, how awesome is it to see young kids get curious about augmented reality technology? Inspiration for future innovators? We hope so!

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How to Use

Humanoid 4D+ works in conjunction with a free app available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Platform : iOS | Android
App Size : 246.3 MB (iOS) | 83 MB (Android)
Min OS : iOS 7.0 | Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich)
Languages : English (US), English (UK), Turkish, Korean, Arabic, Persian, French, Hebrew, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, German, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Italian, Russian, Dutch

Follow these steps to get started.
1. Download the Humanoid 4D+ App from the App Store and Play Store.
2. Open the app.
3. Place one Humanoid 4D+ card on a surface and scan the marine animal with your device's camera.
4. A pop-up box will appear for you to input the serial number found on the instruction card.
5. Once authorization is complete, you can see the images come to life!