Space Odyssey


Ready for a space adventure? This box contains materials for you to launch rockets, make alien creatures and paint a hanging galaxy. As scientists keep pushing the boundaries of space innovation and exploration, we hope you will too! This box includes an activity book and all the materials for the following activities:

  • Alien Spaceship
    Design your own alien spaceship and make little aliens to go inside!
  • Galaxy Tours
    Create your own galaxy and tell stories about planets, spaceships and aliens!
  • Rocket Launchers
    Design rockets and launch them as far as you can!

For ages 4+ years.

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GummyBox designs activity boxes filled with creative, hands-on crafts and games to explore at home.


We’re big fans of crafting and open-ended play so naturally, GummyBox is a must-have for us! We LOVE the detail and variety of their creative activities. Every box we've opened really works to keep kids playing and screen-free, and we're just so into their region-/country-specific activities. Batik Art is a favorite!

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