Unicorn Sock Doll


Say hello to Peerly’s magical unicorns! These dolls are lovely companions to take anywhere, from daytime jaunts to sweet slumber. With rainbow manes and wings to fly, each unicorn measures about 23cm from head to hoof.

Please note that colors may vary from the photos shown, and that no two dolls will look exactly alike.

For ages 3+ years.

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Peerly’s creates unique, beautiful dolls by hand with incredible attention to detail and quality.


Not only are Peerly's dolls beautifully designed and amazingly well-crafted, they also represent a diversity we love to see. We’re thrilled that kids can have the power of choice with Peerly’s; to choose a doll that looks like them, like someone they know, or like no one they know!

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Care Instructions

Hand wash your unicorn with cold water and air dry on a flat surface.

Do not tumble dry and do not wring the doll.