Rainbows Galore | Schoolyard

Rainbows Galore

Why choose one color when you can have the whole rainbow? We’ve rounded up an awesome selection of toys to celebrate and explore the colors of the rainbow.

Rainbow Stackers by Letter in Pine

Instantly add color to any playroom with these popular stackers. Perfect for open-ended play, kids will love building, balancing, storytelling and much more with these rainbows. For kids aged 2+ years. Pair with the Semi-circle Rainbow Stackers for double the fun! 

Light & Color by GummyBox

Light and color make our world brighter, and here’s a fun way to explore it! This activity box from GummyBox includes materials to mix colors, make shadows and learn about rainbows. For kids aged 4+ years.

Unicorn Sock Doll by Peerly’s

Peerly’s rainbow unicorn dolls are beauties! With rainbow manes and wings to fly, these unicorn dolls make fun companions for your imaginative child. For all ages. 

Peg Dolls by Letter in Pine

Peg dolls are a classic addition to every wooden toy collection. Simply in aesthetic, these little creations from Letter in Pine are painted in different colors and leave room for plenty of open-ended play. For kids aged 3+ years. 

Macramé Rainbow by Wooddo

Knotted with love, these macramé rainbows from Wooddo will add a subtle splash of color to your home. Choose a size, a color scheme, and decide on pom-poms or not. For all ages, young and old.