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Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids by Age

Christmas is rolling in fast! We love the merry energy of this season, the lights and glitter of everything around. Understandably though, things also get super frenzied with Christmas preparations, school holidays and family travel (for many, a first in years!). Let us help you check a few things off your list faster  take a look at our gift ideas for kids!

Gifts for Toddlers

Aged between one and three years old, toddlers will love toys that engage their developing motor skills. Toys with elements of building, sorting and moving are a hit. Sprinkle in a little pretend play and their creativity (and cuteness!) will really spark. Here are a few favorites this season.

Gifts for 3 to 5 year olds

Preschool kids are curious little explorers. Equipped with budding language skills, they’ll love these open-ended toys that leave room for tinkering, storytelling and creating. Toys and games that encourage social interactions are also great gifts for these littles!

Gifts for 6 to 8 year olds

As kids start developing stronger preferences, variety is the name of the game! Some kids will be into crafts, others may prefer science experiments, some may love dress-up play, while others yet may choose computer games. Check out this variety of picks for your little big kids! 

Gifts for 9+ year olds

Play becomes more layered and complex as kids approach those double digits. With much longer attention spans, older kids stay more engaged with toys that challenge their problem-solving and creative skills. Look out for activities that involve more intricate building, experimenting, creating and even competing. Here are a few ideas!